Old draft - now published!
  1. Road tripping through Denmark with my aunt
    We were going to my uncle's 60th which was great, but my aunt is just honestly the best. She's so fun and we don't see each other very often, so it was great. Plus, we're both weird introverts, so that was a cool thing to talk about...
  2. Going to Amsterdam with my best friend
    We've never traveled together before but it went great and it was A+
  3. My birthday party
    Sure, some of my friends didn't enjoy the very, ahem, drunk atmosphere... But I had a great night and since it was my birthday, that's what counts
  4. My mother's divorce
    She was married to an alcoholic, emotionally abusive Asshole, so this one speaks for itself! Edit: they are still dating and she just returned from a trip to Morocco with him. So....
  5. Florence and Rome with wonderful people
  6. New Year's Eve
    We had an awesome party and my best friend was there and it was awesome