Because having the line 'fucked a girl in an apple orchard, then came in cider' on the brain happens way too often
  1. From God's Perspective
    This song is just genius. Like: 'You shouldn't abstain from rape just 'cause you think that I want you to, You shouldn't rape 'cause rape is a fucked up thing to do' Just perfect.
  2. Oh, Bo
    It's just so wrong, but so so right. I know this song 100% by heart, and it isn't rare to hear me singing 'Swallow bitch, there's people starving in Africa' quietly, under my breath. 💯
  3. Words words words
    "I hate catchy choruses, and I'm a hypocrite, hungry hungry hypocrite". Probably the catchiest chorus ever written
  4. Nerds
    NGL I cried the first time I heard this. So that's a thing that I will definitely be telling my grandchildren about
  5. New Math
    Another song I know 100% by heart, although I sound slightly possessed when I attempt to sing it in my vaguely Danish accent. It must sound amazing. I guess we'll never know
  6. High School Party
    The part where he talks about having to hide the condoms near the tic tacs because his old babysitter walks in WRECKS me.
  7. Love Is
    'Like Hitler's father needed to learn the pullout' is my favorite line in anything ever.
  8. We Think We Know You
    Just brilliant. Better with the video, but also a delight without. Especially "I am Satan, lord of darkness"!
  9. Rehab Center for Fictional Characters
    Everything about this is the best. From "Hey I'm Santa Claus, I'm the king of snow, I hate my wife because, she is a ho ho ho" to "If another kid, gets me Frosted Flakes, I swear on my life, I'll eat his parents". It's honestly just a roller coaster of awesomeness
  10. Sad
    "I saw a giraffe who had a short neck, that was sad, or a... Dear". Yes.
  11. Repeat Stuff
    So. Goddamn. Catchy. Oh my god!
  12. Art is Dead
    "Some people think you're funny, how do we get those people's money". 🙏🏼
  13. Little Adolf
    Just a tiny little gem of a song. So wrong, like most of Bo Burnham's stuff, but in the best possible way!
  14. Hell of a Ride
    I have tried for hours and hours to learn this song 100% by heart, but I just CAN'T sing that fast. Especially the line "Is it part due to the fact that rap's elastic addict act is missin'" is impossible for me. But I WILL LEARN IT, even if it kills me. I swear to God, man!
  15. 3.14 Apple PI
    Like New Math, this song is just full of wonderful puns and it's so good