1. This horrendous rainbow mohawk
    09a4a4c7 415a 4a26 beae d62b13c36b79
    Plus, my own hair doesn't do the wig any justice
  2. This curly monstrosity
    102245c7 d3da 46e2 871d 9dc664d724a2
    Vaguely resembles my own hair, but in a very bad way
  3. This black and red pixie cut
    5c7bd973 1ebb 4de4 bf41 5261c155781a
    I look like everyone's mom as soon as they start to go grey....
  4. This vaguely cartoonish rainbow perfection
    Ae0f6547 1f89 458a 84ac e6d3d5924324
    So ugly, but somehow not the worst of the wigs
  5. This afro
    Ea85dc12 7e3b 4990 bf21 11e322e09cb8
    I'm drowning in it, but I kind of like it
  6. This white angel-esque afro
    B95f8ce5 4ece 46aa 9692 b084e8bf3df1
    Sort of looks like a hat, which is why I like it