in no particular order
  1. Antii - Rihanna > Lemonade
  2. Blonde - Frank Ocean
    Frank released the album that yall wanted and yall forgot about it.
  3. A seat at the table - Solange
    Balm for black pain
  4. And the anonymous nobody - DE LA sol
    And outro that's also an intro.
  5. Lemonade - Beyoncé
    Mostly cause of the visuals not so much the music
  6. Emily's D+Evolution - Esperenza Spalding
    There is a lot going on here. So layered.
  7. 99.9 - Kaytranada
    Nobody deserves to win more than Kaytranada
  8. 99c - Santigold
    Pop supreme
  9. Untitled unmastered - Kendrick Lamar
    His lost tapes
  10. Atrocity exhibition - Danny Brown
    Hip hop progression
  11. The colour in anything - James Blake
    Boy can sing
  12. This is acting - Sia
    The best pop anthems ever.
  13. A moon shaped pool - Radiohead
    The last kick of generation x
  14. Konnichiwa - Skepta
  15. We will take it from here - ATCQ
    The last kick of nubian hip hop