These "biggest fan" habits used to really bug me...but now I realize that I'm just really, really jealous because I'd love to be as brave and publicly dedicated as this.
  1. Saturate. Profess your love as often as possible on your social media sites.
  2. Don't use your own pic for your profile. Use theirs. This will further drive home the message that you love, love, love them.
  3. Forget about using proper grammar or spelling whilst professing your love. There's no time for that boring shit when you should be focusing on the love part.
  4. Quote them a lot. Song lyrics, lines from their show, whatever. Same rule applies about the grammar/spelling thing mentioned above.
  5. Fan fiction. Hey...what else could bring you closer to "knowing" what their life could be like? Just write your own version of their life.
  6. Open letters and invitations. Invite them over to your house, birthday party, workplace, name it. And repeatedly. Who cares about the logistics when all you need is love? (Thx for this one,@duckstar85)