1. At age 10
    I'd tell myself to stop spending so much time trying to stay "best friends" with mean people...and just do what's fun.
  2. At age 15
    I would convince myself to broaden my horizons and not just pine away for the unattainable guy or idolize the popular girl.
  3. At age 20
    I would encourage myself to take more chances and to walk into every job interview believing I could be their front runner.
  4. At age 25
    I would tell myself to take the absolute best care of my body and mind, before any other "priority", just to get a head start on what's coming.
  5. At age 30
    I would tell myself that it is 100% certain that this will be the age I will want to return to later in life...not any earlier...so really live it up! See things and do things.
  6. At age 35
    I would remind myself not to sweat the small stuff, as it will turn out to really, really not matter.