1. Following a healthy diet for a long period of time
    Yep...I balance out all the kale with potato chips.
  2. Following a regular exercise program
    Yep...I balance out any activity with potato chips.
  3. Participating in social activities at my children's school or in the community
    I only show my face occasionally...but I've never forgotten a name.
  4. Keeping up with any form of social media
    I check in sporadically but don't maintain and update things on a daily basis.
  5. Being 100% true to myself
    I know this is important but I have to believe that some amount of "holding back" is necessary for survival.
  6. Getting to know my neighbours better
    Sure, I know their names. But we definitely don't "pop over" to each other's houses.
  7. Living minimally
    I've heard that less is more...but sometimes more is so much MORE...