Disclaimer: This is not a riot against PETA. Small goods are lovely in-general.
  1. They are generally items that can be integrated into your routine/rhythm which make them seamlessly useful and great gifts which remind you of the giver.
    Even public transit pplz need a keychain to hold apartment keys, bottle opener, etc.
  2. You very well may be able to support a local business since small leather LOCAL goods are becoming a trend.
    But be suspicious of startups in Alaska, because cows do not live in igloos last time I checked.
  3. You could have your designer of choice's original item before you can afford a handbag.
    Some people may not count this as a benefit but I'd rather have tiny things with fantastic aesthetic than nothing at all.
  4. There will be excitement over traveling and reminders to do so.
    Women need to consider the Dopp kit too. And I'm writing this as a reminder to find a good passport wallet. Look what wonderful experiences these goods help facilitate!
  5. Creativity and attention to detail possibilities are A+.
    Think about it. EVERYONE has these items pretty much. To stand out you must integrate great design and/or meaningful elements in tiny packages. It will push you to discover the beauty of Nordic people's designwork or the nostalgia of Brooklynites creating things from the same tree wood type near the brownstones and the brass that used to be old doorknobs. And if you think I'm kidding I'm not I feel passion about this.
  6. Just consider the name: small leather GOODS. They are good.