Photos On My Phone That Accurately Depict My Aesthetic

First list is a suggested starter.. Way to be original, Silver.
  1. My very judgemental cat, Chiefy.
    He's fabulous. I find it really difficult to sleep if he's not curled up on my bed somewhere. He'll usually manage to find the one spot to fall asleep where I then can't move my legs. Sometimes he cuddles. He's great. 10/10.
  2. Other people's pets.
    This guy was an escape artist that hung out with us for a couple hours until we found his owners. I missed him not even 10 minutes after he went home.
  3. #important
  4. My mad MacGyver skillz.
    Not sure I'm really following the true intentions of the name of this list. Anywho, my horse broke this window with his ass. This was my attempt at fixing it at 5:30am after chasing him around in the rain trying to check his butt for blood/injuries.
  5. Aforementioned horse, Lachy.
  6. Sisters bird.
    It's a rescue. It came with the name 'Sexy Lady'.
  7. Sisters other bird, Paulie, and I, just having a real good old time.
    He's the fucking best. He purrs. He gets cranky and throws tantrums. He likes to cuddle. I love him.
  8. Sisters dogs, Dexter & Millie.
    Just about the sweetest little doggo's you could ever meet. Here they are pretending they are lapdogs/bruising my thighs and posing with me for the camera.
  9. Freshly shaved llamas.
    I have maybe 10+ photos of llamas from this day. I chose this guy at random.
  10. More animal related stuff.
    I don't know the artist to credit them. I think I found it in a manic tumblr scroll.
  11. Pretty little smokers area at a bar I don't remember the name of.
  12. Screenshot of a movie I thought I might like to watch.
    Yep. Single as fuck, guys.
  13. A photo I took of this phenomenal garden a family friend has.
  14. Guess I'll end on this photo coz man alive, you must be bored of this if you scrolled this far.
    Halloween last year.