My Daily List

  1. Jacket
    Interchanging the denim jacket or leather jacket or trench coat
  2. Mini Dress
    Usually Black or Denim
  3. Leggings/Stockings/Socks
    Stockings/leggings on weekdays, socks on weekends
  4. Backpack
    Looks exactly the same
  5. Solar powered watch
    Or the formal watch. Silver. Or the iPod nano touch
  6. Chain and pendant
    The one dad gave me. Gold/Silver
  7. Contact lenses or glasses
  8. Sunglasses and Cap/Scarf
    On sunny days
  9. Hightops
    Or boots if it's raining
  10. Stationery
    For work
  11. Mini Notebook
    Personal notes
  12. Smartphone
    Games, communication, photos, music
  13. Tablet
    For work + reading materials
  14. Wallet
    Keeping it simple
  15. Bus card
    Wouldn't be able to go anywhere without it.
  16. ID card
    Apparently look underage.
  17. Cash and Cards
    You think?
  18. Coin purse
    Wallet has not coin pouch.
  19. Multitool
  20. Solar Powerbank
  21. Multifunction USB cable
  22. USB extension cable
  23. Bluetooth headset
    Bluetooth + MP3(tf card) + Radio
  24. Keys
    In keysmart holder
  25. Mini drive
    In keysmart holder
  26. Cosmetic Pouch
    With eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip balm
  27. Tissues
    In front pocket of bag
  28. Sanitary items
    In front pocket of bag
  29. Hand sanitizer
    Hanging from bag
  30. Painkillers
    In front pocket of bag
  31. Hair ties
    Or headband / clip
  32. Comb
  33. Lucky charm
  34. Rations
    When food is needed and unavailable.