(And don't give me any of that crap about "everybody who says they're descended from the Mayflower pilgrims has been hoodwinked" because my grandpa's name is literally William Brewster in honor of his ancestor and he'll literally punch you for questioning it)
  1. So the Puritans were super religious, as you probably have heard before.
    They named their kids not only after people from the Bible but after fruits of the spirit and other values or abstract ideas, too.
  2. The Brewsters had 5 children. Their names were:
  3. Patience
  4. Fear
  5. Love
  6. Wrestling
  7. And... Jonathan
    (... Son)
  8. Which cracks me up.
    Jon was probably the weird one back in the day! The odd man out! Nobody questioned little Wrestling.
  9. So which one should I name my kid?
    (My family is descended from Love.)
  10. I'm mostly joking, but if I deliver early and end up with a Valentine's Day baby, maybe it won't be a joke.
    But we'll keep weird names as middle names so they can still meld with society when they want to. ;)