Apparently I only stand on the left and only meet male celebrities
  1. John Ritter, Disneyland, 3 years old
    He asked my dad for gum. My dad was a huge Three's Company fan so he said "you can have gum if I can have a picture!" John said yes and my dad handed over me and gum (which is kind of visible in the picture). My dream is to recreate this with my future child and Jason Ritter.
  2. Jody Davis (Newsboys guitarist), concert, 13 years old
    A PICTURE DOES EXIST OF THIS. Just not digitally. I'll have to find the print!! He was wandering before the concert w/their manager (who I also recognized, due to my fan-forum reading... ugh, teenagerdom) & I ran up to him in my no-shame 13-year-old phase, handed the manager my camera, & made him take a picture of us. Oh my gosh. I think I said "you're my favorite band member" & "I play guitar too" & other dorky things. Thanks for putting up with me, everyone who ever encountered 13-year-old me!
  3. Craig Robinson, Ice House comedy club, 19 years old
    No photo evidence. I was doing a film internship and helping set up some cameras and sound for the shows directly before the headliner. One night the headliner was Craig, and he sang me some inappropriate song in Spanish for a quick sound check and walked away. So I guess REALLY, he bothered me. Lol
  4. Ewan McGregor, VW show, 20 years old
    I help my dad run a Volkswagen show every summer and sometimes Ewan shows up, because he has a lot of friends in the VW world. I tried to be nonchalant and chat about cars but then "CAN WE TAKE A PICTURE?!" burst out of me. He took this with his right arm with a real camera with no screen, as this was before cell phone selfies were big. What a pro. What a hottie. I 💙 him and all his singing roles in movies.
  5. Tony Hale, college talk, 24 years old
    Tony came to my alma mater to give an inspiring talk about working as a Christian in the film industry. He did a meet and greet after and was very sweet. I was there with my brother-in-law and Tony said "heeeeey brother" to him on request—BEST treat.
  6. Simon Majumdar, "Alton Brown Live" at the Pantages, 27 years old
    Saw a bunch of Food Network stars down in the audience, and as a fan of Chopped, Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef, Good Eats, AND MORE (I must have a food show problem), this was exciting. I ran into Simon during intermission and told myself I would NOT bug him... but then... I mean, I follow him on Twitter, and when am I gonna see him again?? So I politely said hi, chatted about the show, and asked for a photo. His wife took like 4 or 5 and kept moving us for better lighting! She was fun.
  7. Various Disney characters
    I KNOW there is someone I'm missing, but nothing is coming to mind, and a scroll through my phone's photos came up with this. Good enough for now, haha. I'll sleep on it and see if I have an epiphany before posting it tomorrow. (I didn't, so this is leaving drafts and can get an update later if I can remember the final person.)
  8. (And yes, I live in Southern California, so it's an unfair advantage as far as running into celebrities.)
    Hopefully I'm not as ridiculous as Lucy Ricardo when I talk to them, though. *shame face*