... can be frustrating
  1. Wanted to make this pumpkin pasta
    Yeah, I'm a pregnant white female in the fall: I couldn't possibly be more of this magazine's target audience if I tried
  2. Requires these ingredients
    Seems simple enough
  3. So I go to the market and am forced to:
  4. 1. Replace broccoli rabe
    It's nowhere in the store. Hope "baby broccoli" is close.
  5. 2. Replace pumpkin
    With butternut squash, which is no big deal. They only sold the giant pumpkins, like more for carving, and I didn't want to deal with that.
  6. 3. Replace orecchiette
    With shells, close enough
  7. 4. Replace green pumpkin seeds
    With pine nuts. My grocery store is not fancy, message received. Ugh
  8. The cooking itself was fine but it's already a hot day so I got sweaty.
    Plus our kitchen is small so I have to move a lot around as I go to accomplish all the cutting, plating, etc. in the bits of counter space available.
  9. BUT. It resulted in deliciousness
    That does mostly look like the magazine version
  10. So this isn't really a complaint, in the long run. Just a pointless story. Thanks for reading. Lol
    Hope the leftovers heat well for lunch tomorrow 😊