The series is 20 years old today!
  1. Buying the first book
    A paperback at a Scholastic Book Fair in elementary school
  2. Hearing it read aloud every day after recess in sixth grade
    Right after our teacher finished reading us "Frindle." We had a class vote on how we thought Hermione was pronounced. Her-me-own won. Oops.
  3. Seeing the second movie in theaters
    On a Saturday with my aunt and uncle
  4. Seeing the fourth movie at midnight with friends
    I think it was my first midnight movie showing! I went to many more throughout high school and college but now I'm too old to stay awake during them
  5. Finishing the fifth book before all of my friends
    I read really quickly in general and I loved the 5th book. It was too long and too slow for some of my peers though
  6. Dressing up as Hermione for Halloween
    What every brunette book nerd ought to embrace
  7. Winning a beta entry into Pottermore
    They made it so tricky!!!
  8. Then being sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore
    The best house 📚💙🦅
  9. Wondering where Snape's arc was headed
    Such a gray character...
  10. Midnight release party at Barnes & Noble for the 7th book
    I won a trivia contest! (See previous list item) Then stayed up all night finishing the book. Perfection ⚡️👍🏻😢
  11. Midnight showing of the final movie
    This time with my husband
  12. Introducing my best friend to the series for the first time while we lived in Oxford on our study abroad semester
    Another friend saw her carrying the 4th book around and said "aww, don't you hate when [Spoiler] dies?!?" Hahaha the worst!!!
  13. Understanding Lily's actions far more now that I have my own messy-haired son 👶🏻⚡️💙
  14. And surely more memories to come 💕