Requested by @pili_ervin
  1. HD are indeed my initials
    Maiden name Hansen + married name Dsomething. I use HD on Twitter too.
  2. So why not write my last name out?
  3. It's a unique name
    My husband's grandpa made it up to sound more Italian for his opera career in Naples and Milan
  4. I'm a teacher
    I hate that my students can google me so easily. I like my privacy!
  5. It's connected to weird stuff on google already since the family is so big
    You know, like a landmark case involving cocaine and my husband's uncles. Sigh.
  6. I think it's funny that it looks like "High Definition"
    I'm a TV!
  7. It could also be other HD things
    Home Depot. Harley Davidson. Hilda Doolittle. Happy Dance. Heavy Dump. Hickory Dickory. Hey Dude. Hodor Dies.
  8. It's not hard to figure out but at least this way people have to put in effort.
  9. So...
    "That's about it" <—- Kevin from "The Office" but I can't find the clip