Friggin' jerks
  1. I never sleep
    Remember on The Office when Angela says "Babies sleep a lot, Pam"?? I want to jump through the screen and punch her
  2. Everything has to be done in tiny steps
    Like... WRITING A LIST. *hisssssssss bring back drafts* And feeding myself and getting dressed etc. I adore my son!!! He's just demanding. :)
  3. My husband got a major promotion at work AND we decided to sell our house to move closer to work
    You know, because having a baby and getting used to a new job and keeping your house in perfect condition [hiding existence of baby toys and dog hair] for all visiting potential buyers is... easy.
  4. Haha jk it's not
    Which is maybe why I broke out in hives this week and had to go to the ER and am on all kinds of drowsy-making meds now
  5. But I've been catching up on TV
    Orphan Black is awesome. Doctor Who is falling apart. The Great British Baking Show is the most calming treasure to ever grace my Netflix. Great News is kind of stupid but I keep watching it. The Handmaid's Tale makes me weep but is perfection. I rewatched the entire run of The Office because why not.
  6. Sam is my favorite tiny human in the whole world
    Shown here giving his thumbs down opinion on the fact that his mommy can't use the convenient features of a draft anymore
  7. This particular list has no theme
    Sorry not sorry
  8. Oh and also our realtor brought in a bunch of staging props to make our house look more inviting to potential buyers
    Like... white bath rugs (that my black haired dog has shed all over) and white tablecloths (that I have spilled coffee and tomato soup on) and live plants (that I am slowly killing despite my best efforts)
  9. And then the app glitched so I had to post it before I was ready