I tried to make this list but I couldn't

@sarahmccoy published a list about her favorite characters with her name. I thought, great idea!! BUT the characters with my name suck. Cathy is kind of a horrible name now that I've reflected on it. So I guess this list is "horrible characters with my name."
  1. Cathy the comic strip
    Annoying, obsessed with shopping
  2. Cathy Ames from "East of Eden"
  3. Cathy (Linton & Earnshaw) from "Wuthering Heights"
    Bitches and ghosts
  4. Cathy from "Flowers in the Attic"
    Incest! Yuck
  5. Cathy from "The Office"
    Ugh. She tries to have an affair with Jim, and he and Pam are the best. Why did they name her Cathy??? Maybe it was spelled with a K. That's not my name and doesn't count.
  6. Catherine (my full name, so this counts) from "Northanger Abbey"
    Not the worst... kind of funny but very naive and silly
  7. Cath from Marissa Meyer's "Heartless"
    I mean... she's pretty literally heartless
  8. Catherine the Great
    Just give me this one okay