The worst.
  1. Honeydew
    Oh, like a nectar of the gods or something? No, fruit styrofoam.
  2. Chinese crested dog
    Must have awesome fur! No, wait, it's naked.
  3. Marvel's Jessica Jones
    Everybody told me to watch this and I'd love it but I didn't love it AT ALL so I feel cheated
  4. (Work in progress)
    I know there are others that have bugged me but they've slipped my mind. Suggest more while I keep thinking!
  5. Chitterlings
    ...I guess if you called them "pig rectums" fewer ppl would eat them.
    Suggested by @kswholmes
  6. Cow pie
    It's like, not even close
    Suggested by @KC_____
  7. Crème de menthe
    Very misleading 😝
    Suggested by @angela3950
  8. BubbleYum and Bubbleicious. Both make great bubbles, but the flavor is gone in moments and neither Yum nor licious. Misleading!
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  9. Sweetbreads
    Not bread. Not sweet. It's the throat and pancreas of a baby cow. (I have never and will never taste it, but kill me)
    Suggested by @Boogie