It sucked. But I survived!
  1. Background: our entire condo complex had to be termite fumigated
    This was supposed to occur in November but a bunch of my whiny neighbors freaked out that it was "too close to the holidays." Yeah, so your house would have been super clean, bozos. Ugh.
  2. No "living things" could be left behind
    The gas is considered dangerous to not just termites and other bugs, but stuff like plants too. So we had to pack up our dog (obviously), betta fish, and 4 little plants.
  3. We had to stay at my in-law's for a few days
    So we left, in two separate cars, on the rainiest day of those Southern California storms last week. Husband had big luggage, dog, and plants, while I had the fish, small bags, and our 8-month in utero baby.
  4. Tangent: about the fish
    I don't know the acceptable way to transport a betta for a few days. He lives in a big tank, not a little vase. So... I put him in an empty cereal box Tupperware thing with treated water. Sorry!!! Here is picture proof of poor Cereal Fish.
  5. I hate driving and I hate driving in rain
    So husband stayed on the freeway but I took side streets. And OF COURSE the rain grew harder and more intense every minute. And OF COURSE all the side streets I'm familiar with were flooded. I was so anxious that my adrenaline woke up the baby, so then I had to drive while being kicked in the ribs on top of everything else.
  6. So duh, my tire exploded.
    Why wouldn't it happen right then in the worst possible moment?
  7. Nobody was around me so I made it to the side of the road safely.
    And we have AAA, so I didn't have to panic about being stranded FOREVER. But there was some panic nonetheless.
  8. But the side of the road was flooding...
    And it was my right front tire, so water began to seep up my passenger side. I guess the fish could have ridden on the floor and been fine.
  9. The tow truck driver arrived and said "I'm here to change your tire!"
    Then he saw my shredded tire, submerged in water.
  10. So instead he said "let me load your car onto the trailer!"
    Which involved me getting out and waiting in the cab of his tow truck.
  11. Which brings us to the image I need to find someone to draw/paint/otherwise doodle for posterity:
    Sad little me, 8 months pregnant, waddling through a flooded street and heavy rain, an umbrella in my left hand and a fish in a plastic cereal box under my right arm. :(
  12. Boosting myself up into the truck was its own adventure
    because despite my height (5'9") it was really high up AND wet/slippery AND there is this big extra bump throwing off my balance at the moment, thanks a lot baby
  13. And then the polite tow truck driver FELL DOWN INTO THE RUSHING WATER
    Because there was oil on his trailer and he slipped, falling right on his butt. We were both soaking wet and so was my car and so was the world and so was my fish but that's cool
  14. Etc. etc. he towed me to my in-law's
    And then I sat by their fireplace and made them give me control of the remote because sad-wet-pregnant lady gets to watch what she wants even if she's a guest, dang it
  15. So. I hope my pain brought you a chuckle.
    P.S. Cereal Fish survived all the shocks and traveling and cold water, and is back home alive and well in his big warm tank. Phew!
  16. P.P.S.
    My father-in-law kindly put the spare tire on my car and I still haven't gone to buy a new one yet. Responsibilities are hard.