Only one more day of school for this high school English teacher! Woooo!!! I'll be in San Diego the next day, with my husband, and get to play in the city while he attends a work conference.
  1. Visit Lion Coffee.
    To get a kickass acai bowl and a vanilla latte
  2. Walk around in the sunshine.
    That sweet sweet vitamin D that my Gollum-self starts to miss while hunched up grading essays, my preciouss
  3. Tour the Shakespeare First Folio exhibit.
    Because you can take the nerd out of school, but that doesn't make her any less nerdy
  4. Lie on the sand and read a book (FOR FUN)
    Or maybe by the hotel pool, because I seem to recall that this bit of downtown San Diego doesn't have a good sandy stretch of beach. First up, a YA called "My Lady Jane" that I've heard some good buzz about
  5. Buy myself something pretty.
    In celebration of completing my third full year of teaching—and the first without any major panic attacks—I think I deserve a fun necklace or dress or something
  6. Get a drink at a magical Alice in Wonderland-themed bar.
    Complete with hidden entrance and door handle (but I've been there before, so they won't fool me)
    🎉💩🔥👍🏼🐋🌠🍺🎓💃🏻🌇⌛️💣📖 sorry I never look at the emoji keyboard and I saw a lot of potential in a lot of the options