Oh, Mom.
  1. Calling my little brother an oxymoron
    It does sound like an insult. That's not what it means at all.
  2. Reading "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"
    I brought the full volume on a beach vacation and about 3 days in she finally read the title and yelled at me. "Exactly where in the galaxy are you planning to hitchhike to?!?" (At least I had a towel with me, eh?)
  3. Getting a B on a test
    "You got an A all the last times. Are you getting lazy?"
  4. Putting stickers on my bed's headboard
    My friend did this to her bed so I went home and did it to mine. There was much yelling... and when I came home from school the next day they had all been scraped off. Sigh. Suppression of my artistic outlets! Haha.
  5. Eating a bagel
    "You already ate a bagel yesterday!" Is there a bagel schedule published somewhere that I do not know about??
  6. Taking too many pictures of my little sister
    It was her first birthday and I was put in charge of the camera (I was 13). My mom got annoyed that I was taking so many pictures, since they cost money to develop (that's right you young whippersnappers, digital didn't always exist). Like do you want the memories or not mom???
  7. Jiggling my foot
    But now that I'm married to a man who does this constantly I understand why it annoyed her so much
  8. Giving my little brother coal
    Hahaha I actually love him but I was like 7? Which would make him 3... I slipped a dark rock in his stocking and he cried SO MUCH. My mom did not think it was funny... but secretly I think my dad did ;)