Third trimester pregnancy hormones are taking over my life and I HATE THEM
  1. I forgot the birthday present for the party we're currently driving to
    It's an hour and a half drive and we've already done an hour, so there's no turning back.
  2. My husband (with whom I carpool to work) picked me up an hour earlier than usual yesterday
    He meant it as a sweet gesture, but he didn't warn me (because he loves surprises... but I hate them) and I was knee-deep in focused grading. There is only one more week before grades are due so I'm stressed about the (high school English) grading that remains.
  3. I couldn't stop crying
    Not being in control of my own emotions just makes all my emotions feel even worse
  4. The baby's room is not even close to ready yet
    And I need help! There's heavy stuff left to work with! Ugh I'm going to have a mental breakdown about this you guys. I wish dads had the same nesting instincts moms do.
  5. I saw a puppy
    It was a golden retriever in a sweater and I wanetd to snuggle it!
  6. The only day I could get my next doctors appointment was the last day of the semester, unless I wanted to wait until 2017
    The last day is a holiday assembly and I could totally zone out. I hate wasting a sick day on such an easy schedule and letting a sub get paid for that. I need all my sick days for when the baby is BORN
  7. I woke up in the night dehydrated with a Charlie horse
    And my bedside water bottle was empty
  8. The baby kicked very gently when I was feeling most depressed
    Like he wanted to remind me that he's in there and is gonna love me and everything is going to be okay
  9. Writing this list is making me relive things
    So I'm still crying haha help