He thinks he's hilarious. My apologies if any of these already exist or are jokes from the Internet/TV/etc... he presented them as his own, like dads do
  1. Spaghetti Bowl
    A bowling alley that exclusively serves spaghetti
  2. Cereal Bar
    A buffet of different cereals, toppings, and beverages. Cheerios, bananas, and milk? Or Fruity Pebbles, chocolate sauce, and apple juice??
  3. Top Parts of Pop Tarts
    "The frosting is the best part so let's cut out the extra"
  4. Let's Taco Bout It
    He described this vision as a giant bar where you put whatever toppings you want on your tacos and then come sit at the counter and chat with other taco lovers. To "enjoy the best type of food and make new friends." I like this idea because I love tacos but I also enjoy eating them in peace so I probably would tire of constant stranger interaction immediately.
  5. Bananaramaextravaganza
    His reasoning was that lots of recipes use bananas (like banana pancakes, banana bread, banana ice cream) so more places should cater to that
  6. Roadkill Roasters
    "Don't waste all the deer that get hit on the road" But this is already sort of a thing in some places, isn't it?? Eww
  7. Fishy Funeral Feasts
    "Don't waste all the pet fish that get flushed down the toilet" As you can tell, A) he is big into "not wasting" and B) he is gross
  8. Mama's Kitchen
    Just sell stuff my mom cooks.
  9. and for the record,
    He did voice his desire for a Pieology/Blaze Pizza type "fill in your own toppings" pizza restaurant long long ago, but he didn't make it happen, and now he missed out on making money for that idea. Which is a shame because if he had more money maybe his food ideas wouldn't revolve around dead things quite so much.
  10. (proof he was cool once and not a total dweebus)
    Jk ❤️ you Pops