Star Trek Beyond was just Guardians of the Galaxy, you guys.

Hear me out:
  4. Are we far enough down the list yet that casual passers by won't be spoiled?
  5. I think so.
  6. Exhibit 1A: Zoe Saldana is your kickass female main character.
  7. (Exhibit 1B)
  8. Exhibit 2A: the roguish main male character is in charge, even though he doesn't always make the best choices.
  9. (Exhibit 2B)
  10. Exhibit 3A: we focus in on the impending death of a parent and child on the futuristic, fountain-as-main-landscaping world... and they happen to be married to one of the main-ish characters.
    Sulu's husband and daughter:
  11. (Exhibit 3B)
    Corpsman Dey's wife and daughter:
  12. Exhibit 4A: the enemy is distracted enough for defeat—thanks to the power of music!
    Little bit of Beastie Boys here...
  13. (Exhibit 4B)
    Little bit of Five Stairsteps there.
  14. Exhibit 5A: we are trying to protect an ancient weapon from the villain's grasp
    "I don't remember what the ancient artifact weapon I want is named, which makes it hard to search Google Images for it"
  15. (Exhibit 5B)
    But here's an infinity stone
  16. Plus all the space stuff. But the above similarities made me roll my eyes a little bit. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and wanted to love this newest Star Trek... but I didn't really. The first movie of the rebooted Star Trek is still my favorite (sorry, Benedict).
  17. Any major additions this list needs?
  18. P.S. Love you, Anton :(