I really wanted to go on vacation this summer to explore Seattle & Portland. Various factors made this not feasible after all. Tonight I am feeling pretty down about it! Does anyone have "staycation" or day-trip ideas? How can I have fun & feel like I'm not wasting my summer—somewhere I can baby-wear my 4-month-old and take pics w/my nice camera?
  1. I'll start with some of my ideas
    Even though I have lots of questions about them still and am feeling too bummed/unmotivated to do the research for myself yet
  2. Feel free to list general ideas as well as specific ideas within driving distance starting from the San Dimas CA area
  3. A beach trip
    Any beaches with restaurants or coffee shops with a view?? It would be nice to park somewhere shady and work on my writing 👍🏻Bonus if there are cute shops to peruse. Early Googling suggests maybe La Jolla?
  4. Disneyland or its cheapskate partner "downtown Disney"
    Just so croooowded and hot and Sam won't remember anything yet
  5. A winery
    Again, would be nice to find one that would let me sit around in the shade to write for a while. Maybe in Temecula? Any recs?
  6. Movie theater
    Still haven't seen Wonder Woman... but am not sure I want to arrange for a baby sitter, pump to leave a bottle for Sam, etc when I could just continue watching endless Netflix instead
  7. Target
    Seriously you guys, taking care of a baby makes going to Target feel really exotic. SEND ME BETTER OPTIONS
  8. If you don't know the Southern California area but have heard of cool things to do, still suggest them—
    Because we get jaded out here and sometimes fresh or tourist eyes can actually be fun and enlightening. It'll be up to me to judge if it's worth the traffic ;)
  9. Maybe be a tourist for a day?
    I find that most locals don't do the sightseeing that a tourist would do. Maybe go to all the touristy places, take a tour bus in Beverly Hills?
    Suggested by @karlalucia
  10. La Jolla is lovely!
    Suggested by @ellenh