I am always keeping my eye out for potential role models for my theoretical future daughter. Here are some from stories.
  1. Rey
    Skywalker? Solo? Kenobi? Whoever she is, she is strong, independent, brave, curious, and flawed with a desire to improve herself. I heart her.
  2. Hermione
    She is soooo smart but knows there is more to life than "books and cleverness." Harry and Ron would have died a thousand times over without her.
  3. Wonder Woman
    I have only recently been looking into this female superhero, and while I still have much to learn, I've liked what I've seen of her power and grace so far.
  4. Jane Eyre
    She sticks up for herself against every jerk who crosses her path: Aunt Reed, Mr. Brocklehurst, even Rochester and St. John. She finds solace in books and in nature. So much better than Cathy Earnshaw!
  5. Elizabeth Bennet
    Intelligent, stubborn, great at reading and walking and sassing Darcys... it's so easy to forget she was created in the 1700s!
  6. To be continued...