When I was a kid, we switched off Thanksgiving locations every other year.
  1. Italian grandma's house:
    Delicious. Traditional American Thanksgiving foods plus lasagna. She loved to cook.
  2. Danish grandma's house:
    Not so good. She was a child of the Great Depression and saved money however she could, plus she just wasn't so great at cooking. Here are some of the resulting memories:
  3. The cherry pie ordeal
    Grandma cooked a cherry pie. My cousin cornered all the other cousins into a room on the claim that she wanted to organize a game. Once she'd locked us in, she revealed the empty glass jar for the cherries and announced "DON'T eat the pie." Why? The cherry's expiration date was 8 years before. All the adults were very suspicious about why we didn't want dessert but none of us squealed.
  4. Yams... always the yams...
    She was big on yams and insisted we each eat a full helping. They were gross. Luckily, the "kids table" was outside on the patio. There was a lot of chucking yams into bushes each year. You're welcome, raccoons!
  5. The catered Mexican event
    One Thanksgiving, Grandma said she was tired of cooking so much for so many people (we do have a large family), so she ordered "catered Mexican" for us. We were excited! That sounded great! Who doesn't love Mexican food?! BUT... as always, her perspective was weird. We arrived and she pulled her fancy meal out of the oven. It was a tray of individually wrapped Taco Bell crunchy tacos, a tray of rice, and a tray of refried beans. All hours old. Yay.
  6. I'm sure there's more
    but that's all that's popping to my mind right now. On Danish grandma's years, I ate a lot of black olives, since those were safe and fun—you could put them on the ends of your fingers! Haha. I'm glad I'm not seeing her this year because she's a big Trump supporter and I just CAN'T DEAL with that kind of dinner table talk right now.