I know it should be "things of which I would like to win a lifetime supply" but LET US NOT BE PRETENTIOUS, OKAY?
  1. Books
    Like, free unlimited shopping pass to Barnes & Noble and the Amazon Kindle store. Books are my favorite.
  2. Breakfast burritos
    Regardless of the location! Roll in to Pipes Cafe in Encinitas and claim my bacon avocado masterpiece. Drive through Taco Bell and drive away with me free cheesy delight. This is the dream.
  3. Gummy bears
    Yes I am aware that these hold zero nutritional value. But they make SUCH effective bribes... "Self, you can't eat this pile until you grade five essays." "Self, you can't eat all the red ones until you write 1,000 words." See? Yeah I'm weird, sorry not sorry
  4. Purple fine point pens
    "Don't grade in red because it hurts students' self-esteem." Well, I can't grade in blue or black b/c it doesn't stand out, & can't grade in green b/c I have colorblind kids, so purple is my preference. However, most purple pens are felt-tip, which are too fat & usually bleed through the paper. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice fine point pen, much less a purple-inked one?? So I usually resort to red. They're free in the teacher supply room & students need to be more resilient anyway.
  5. Jeans
    I live in jeans. I don't get the yoga pants thing. I like dresses but not for every day. Bring on the comfy denim!
  6. Funko pop figures
    I know, I'm a marketing sucker. But how better to show off my pop culture loves in a relatively cheap way that all matches??
  7. Running shoes
    Now that I've finally gotten the hang of this running thing, I always crave new running shoes. I've tried a few but New Balance seems the best so far. Let's get my giant size 10 feet a lifetime supply and run forever!
  8. Movie tickets (w/popcorn pass)
    I love the moviegoing experience. It works with romantic dates, friend hangouts, family visits, and field trips. I ALSO LOVE POPCORN (I swear I'm not obese)
  9. Money
    I guess if I just asked for a lifetime supply of money all the other things would follow. Anybody out there have a lifetime supply of money you're giving away? Haha