"Man in Armour Holding a Pike," c. 1630. Jan van Bijlert. Dutch, 1597/98-1671. Oil on canvas.
  1. So I was strolling through the Norton Simon Museum today with two of my best friends...
  2. ... and we ran in to this guy.
  3. (The square pictures of li.st don't do his pose justice. Here's the rest.)
  4. Of course we started giggling. What a sassy knight!
  5. Let's figure out what is going through his mind.
  6. "Work it!"
  7. "Is my whole poomf in the frame? It's QUITE poomfy, I must say."
  8. "I hope this armor makes me look as svelte outside as I feel inside."
  9. I hope more suggestions are to come...
  10. Is my elbow meant to be at this angle.
    Suggested by @Waddy
  11. Hmm how am I going to untie this sash round my waste.
    Suggested by @Waddy