Despite being 28, married, and now a mom
  1. My toaster has a setting for "Pop Tarts"
    And I still eat Pop Tarts
  2. I also adore hot chocolate
    with Tim Tam slams!
  3. I love fun socks
    The ones I'm wearing now have BB-8 on them
  4. I never take my car in for servicing
    A.k.a. I call my dad all the time asking why it's making this funny noise or why is this funny light on
  5. I still feel uncomfortable stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
    What if I break my mama's back??
  6. I can't sleep with the closet door open
    It's not so much monsters as a big mysterious chasm full of shadows and maybe a bad guy is hiding in it?? The closed door will creak if he opens/closes it ;)
  7. I don't floss as often as I should
    Who the heck has time for daily flossing