1. A vet
    because, animals all the time!! But then I realized there was a lot of blood and math involved.
  2. A wolf
    Still involves blood, like what chased me away from vet dreams... but hey, no math.
  3. A writer
    and I wrote a story in kindergarten and I've been writing ever since
  4. A teacher
    Specifically, third grade. Not exactly where I ended up... darn seniors and all their college recs
  5. A spy
    I read a lot of Nancy Drew and watched a lot of spy movies--not just cool ones like James Bond but silly spies like Get Smart and True Lies. Alas... I will never be in shape enough to be a spy.
  6. A housewife
    Because working is dumb and somebody else should pay the bills while I do all the damn chores. Instead, now I do it all... work and chores and bills. Le sigh.
  7. A film editor
    I like telling stories, I like movies, I'm good at pacing... it could have made sense. But Hollywood seemed too dramatic for me.
  8. A professor
    Like a teacher, but with more time to read. If I can afford a PhD I may still go for this.
  9. A Zoe(ey)
    Kazan, Deschanel, even a little Franny &... they are livin' the life. I can make a name change.