(Usually I don't make much effort)
  1. Because pregnancy/baby bump means
    that I could be Rey SMUGGLING BB-8 TO THE RESISTANCE. Right?!?!? ❤️ First of many geeky mother-son costumes, I'm sure. (He's totally going to be a hobbit someday, especially if he gets my husband's curly hair.)
  2. And I won "most original costume" at work today, so the effort was totally worth it!
    Square-only photos really mess up my jam yo :/ No boots previously, no face here
  3. Details so I remember how much work I put into this:
    1) Pants and boots from Kohl's, unaltered. 2) Shirt from Kohl's with altered collar. 3) Cotton gauze strips sewed together for sash. 4) Ace bandages for arm bands. 5) Wrist cuff created from Hobby Lobby leather scraps thanks to a YouTube tutorial. 6) Belt from Target with extra leather strip from Hobby Lobby attached. 7) BB-8 designed from felt pieces cut or and tacky-glued together.
  4. Yay 🎃