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  1. Alexis Navarro
    My buddy/baby brother. We're always together, whether it be a Coffee Bean run or my dancing partner to sixties slow dance songs.
  2. Pedro Navarro
    I hate him 75% of the time, but the other 25%, he's alright because he's my brudder.
  3. Kimberley
    My first niece. She is an extension of me and brings out my silliness. She's cool with me randomly licking her ear too.
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  1. A full tank of gas
    This makes me extremely happy that I even have a dance for this-- it's the "full tank of gas" dance. yepp.
  2. Led Zeppelin song on the radio
    I believe a Zep song playing on the radio is such a rarity THAT when it does it happen you proceed to turn up the volume and head bang.
  3. Finding money
    Whether it be discovering $$$ in your old high-waisted shorts or stumbling upon FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS at work (this happened on Monday, I kid you not), money is happiness, despite what you think.
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