1. Alexis Navarro
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    My buddy/baby brother. We're always together, whether it be a Coffee Bean run or my dancing partner to sixties slow dance songs.
  2. Pedro Navarro
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    I hate him 75% of the time, but the other 25%, he's alright because he's my brudder.
  3. Kimberley
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    My first niece. She is an extension of me and brings out my silliness. She's cool with me randomly licking her ear too.
  4. Cristina
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    Second niece. She's a crazy little girl and she uses my make-up more than I do. I love this picture of her in front of Haunted Mansion.
  5. Jacqueline Peralta
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    Best friend since middle school. We were supposed to hang out today, but I'm studying. :(
  6. Edgar Esparza
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    He's lame, but I like lame people. He also gave me my favorite shirt for my 18th birthday-- UCSC navy blue shirt.
  7. Karen Reyes
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    She's in NYC right now studying @ Columbia. Beware: she's a horrible texter just like me.
  8. Elda Padilla
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    She always has something to say, so it's never a boring time. Oh and she takes care of you (mom). <3
  9. Oscar Garcia
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    Elda's counterpart, so dad. He can get philosophical with you, but is the silliest/happiest person I know.
  10. Alan Mejia
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    Intelligent, young man who offers wisdom free of charge. We both avidly love Vampire Weekend + Ezra Koenig. Get wit it.
  11. Ruby McGinn
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    Talented artist. I adore her randomness and boldness. She's also a film aficionado like myself.
  12. Jakki Padilla
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    Such a sweet girl with a contagious laugh. I love her because she loves books.
  13. Tanya Rodriguez
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  14. Terrell
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    His go-to line: "It's cause I'm black." Fellow coworker and 1/2 of the DREAM TEAM.