1. Alexis Navarro
    My buddy/baby brother. We're always together, whether it be a Coffee Bean run or my dancing partner to sixties slow dance songs.
  2. Pedro Navarro
    I hate him 75% of the time, but the other 25%, he's alright because he's my brudder.
  3. Kimberley
    My first niece. She is an extension of me and brings out my silliness. She's cool with me randomly licking her ear too.
  4. Cristina
    Second niece. She's a crazy little girl and she uses my make-up more than I do. I love this picture of her in front of Haunted Mansion.
  5. Jacqueline Peralta
    Best friend since middle school. We were supposed to hang out today, but I'm studying. :(
  6. Edgar Esparza
    He's lame, but I like lame people. He also gave me my favorite shirt for my 18th birthday-- UCSC navy blue shirt.
  7. Karen Reyes
    She's in NYC right now studying @ Columbia. Beware: she's a horrible texter just like me.
  8. Elda Padilla
    She always has something to say, so it's never a boring time. Oh and she takes care of you (mom). <3
  9. Oscar Garcia
    Elda's counterpart, so dad. He can get philosophical with you, but is the silliest/happiest person I know.
  10. Alan Mejia
    Intelligent, young man who offers wisdom free of charge. We both avidly love Vampire Weekend + Ezra Koenig. Get wit it.
  11. Ruby McGinn
    Talented artist. I adore her randomness and boldness. She's also a film aficionado like myself.
  12. Jakki Padilla
    Such a sweet girl with a contagious laugh. I love her because she loves books.
  13. Tanya Rodriguez
  14. Terrell
    His go-to line: "It's cause I'm black." Fellow coworker and 1/2 of the DREAM TEAM.