1. A full tank of gas
    This makes me extremely happy that I even have a dance for this-- it's the "full tank of gas" dance. yepp.
  2. Led Zeppelin song on the radio
    I believe a Zep song playing on the radio is such a rarity THAT when it does it happen you proceed to turn up the volume and head bang.
  3. Finding money
    Whether it be discovering $$$ in your old high-waisted shorts or stumbling upon FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS at work (this happened on Monday, I kid you not), money is happiness, despite what you think.
  4. Kisses
    Especially forehead kisses.
  5. Sunlight cast through my bedroom window
    My bedroom walls are a mustard yellow color. There is a reason why I chose this specific color... I knew when sunlight would seep through the windows, it would amplify the mustard yellow walls, ultimately illuminating my whole room. It's perfect.
  6. Sandals/flip flops/barefoot
    I like my feet naked and free.
  7. Vanilla Ice Blend
    only @ Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  8. San Francisco
    I went this past summer with my friends. It was THE BEST. I'm going to stop because I'm getting nostalgic and weepy...
  9. There is more to this list, but I have to go study for a history exam.
  10. Happiness is acing my history exam!!