Books series I've almost completed

I'm a serial collector of good stories. I tend to forget what I do and don't have while shopping so here's my checklist next time I'm out and about. I'm only doing books that I have more than the first volume of btw; comment for ant questions. I've finished most of these yet I've lost some of my collection over time :/ but I always start again!
  1. Tramps Like Us
    I need book 1, 4 & the did this happen?!
  2. Death Note
    I need 1-10 & 12 I've already got the Anther Note book, book 13.
  3. Fruits Basket
    I need 1-9; 12 to end. Seriously what happened over time. I promise you I didn't buy the books like this!
  4. Translucent
    I need book 1 and any other after 3, I really think this series was short. Comment if you know exactly how many lol
  5. Fooly Cooly
    Anything after book 2 :-)
  6. Haruhi Suzumiya
    Anything after book 3
  7. Higurashi
    I need arc 1 and anything after 2.
  8. Hellsing
    I need books 1-3 & anything after 4.
  9. Revolutionary Girl Utena
    I need book 1 & anything after 2.
  10. Xxxholic
    Anything after book 3.
  11. Fallen series
    I think there are two more installments? I have Torment already.
  12. Charlie Bone
    I need book 1 & 3...anyone know if they made a fourth afterwards?
  13. Remnants
    Anything after 3, these are amazing and extremely cheap on Amazon!
  14. Harry Potter
    I need book 4 ...I really want to re buy book 2 because my husband bought a smaller print then the rest of my collection but whatever >_>
  15. Ellen Hopkins books
    I only have Tilt and Perfect currently.
  16. The Amory Wars
    We only have Second Stage Turbine and In Keeping Secrets 3, I almost bought Key of Z at the concert a while back but I was stupid and got a new shirt instead.
  17. Pendragon
    I need book 1, then 3-9....gonna take a while.
  18. *BOUGHT* The new Harry Potter installment: The Cursed Child
    Released just yesterday :-)
  19. Chosen series
    I only have Chosen and Haunted, I'm not sure how many installments are in the series.