Future Tatts

some future tattoos to come :-)
  1. The blue lion
    A bigger blue bolder lion "lock" on my current ankle chain.
  2. Kids romanji name
    Because my kids name have many different origins they can only be written as romanji in Japanese. It will wrap around my upper arm.
  3. Neck spider
    Native to Georgia, I want to get the specific species of a spider I caught in my college ecology class in 2016. It'll go across the nape of my neck; list app won't let me attach the actual photo I've taken though.
  4. Grandparents memorial
    After my last three grandparents pass away I'm going to tatt a memorial piece. Bamboo framed, a poem I've written honoring all 6 grandparents with sunflowers on the four corners of the frame. It'll go on my upper arm across from my kid's names.
  5. The family piece
    In order to honor my immediate family (dad, sisters and hubby); I'll be getting a three piece back tatt. From a heart (oldest sister) with Angel wings (middle sister) an emerging cross (father) draped with a chain (hubby). Each link will have the first initial of each member.