What to do with a waste of time one hour shift at your veterinary clinic.

What to do with a one hour shift of useless bullshit on the weekend.
  1. Laundry
    Because your diabetic animals have been pissing non stop.
  2. Feed the diabetic dogs/cats a snack
    Lord knows the last thing you need is for them to sudden spike!
  3. Walk the diabetic dogs because of course they pissed everywhere.
    And you've been burning through towels and blankets faster than any nursery.
  4. Walk every other dog
    Because they'll shit themselves if you don't :-)
  5. Feed the cats
    "Everyone else is eating!!! Feed me!!!" Actually no, not everyone is eating but fine, you too!
  6. Load the dishwasher
    Which doesn't even clean them well and is honestly broken itself.
  7. Clean the bathrooms
    Visitors come and nobody wants to assume they're clean, just be safe and sanitize the whole room!
  8. Make a mop bucket
    Again, visitors should never be trusted....not even their shoes....or feet...bumpkins.
  9. Water the flowers
    Even though nobody else does it and that's why your beautiful roses gave now all died!!
  10. Replace trash bags
    All of them are missing for some reason....like they took the trash but couldn't put in a new liner?!
  11. Fold dry laundry
    It's an endless mound
  12. Poop
    To waste time