All these were photos seen on my feed at one time or another.
  1. Picture of guy being beheaded and then another of his HEAD sitting on top of his BACK.
  2. Squirrel mangled by the family pet.
  3. Recently deceased family member.
  4. Gaping wound to arm.
  5. Freshly stitched surgical incision.
  6. Seconds-old baby still covered in vernix. (Look, I have kids, so don't think i just hate pics of babies. But post a pic of the kid after they've at least been cleaned up, eh? If not for you then for them. They'll be mortified in 15 years.)
  7. Baby covered (COVERED!) in diarrhea.
  8. Kid on toilet. (Again, parents ... think of the children.)
  9. Kid's strep throat. (There is a pattern developing here).
  10. Stay tuned ...