As in tomorrow, July 14th, but also tomorrow the abstract, the ideal, a constantly elusive short term future
  1. a gripping fear in the bottom of my gut
    I feel everything in my gut
  2. an intangible excitement
  3. The feeling that my slate is blank; I have a million options and a thousand more chances to do all the things I told myself I would do
  4. Or hoped to do
  5. anxiety
  6. About literally everything. What cereal I'll eat, if ill oversleep, if ill do all my errands, if ill do none of them. All the hurdles, big and small
  7. not knowing if I will wake up with this same disposition or something completely opposite.
    not being able to anticipate if you'll even be able to get up can cause a lot of road blocks in planning your days
  8. The feeling that I'm waiting for something or someone. and that I might be missing it/them