it's my oasis
  1. It's full sized so I can starfish in the middle and my ankles and wrists will flop out and touch the edges without going over
  2. The $400 mattress pad that is on it.. shits comfy
    Thanks dad for being stupid
  3. I sleep here
  4. I eat here
    note the large salsa stain right next to where my butt usually ends up
  5. I almost lost my virginity on this bed
    kind of glad I didn't though
  6. it's nestled between a bookshelf and a dresser
  7. I picked it out myself at IKEA and put it together
  8. I do homework here
  9. I watch bobs burgers here
  10. I cried into these pillows and duvet set about a million times for a million and two reasons
    And they always soak up those tears without complaint
  11. soft
  12. my friends love this bed
  13. I snuggle Bella here a lot
  14. Nap time is great
  15. Crafts with Kaya or friends are best done in this bed
    Sometimes I wake up w glitter in weird places
  16. bed envelopes me when I need it. she envelopes everyone here when they need it