We can all agree, George Washington Carver is a true American hero, but what if he had invented these things? Would history be better? Worse? You decide.
  1. A self harvesting peanut
    This would have truly revolutionized the peanut industry. No longer would we require big, bulky, hard-to-operate, peanut harvesters. What a beautiful world.
  2. Peanut rocket propulsion
    This discovery would have catapulted us a century forward into the space age. If George Washington Carver had invented this we would already have spread to every corner of the universe. What an amazing idea.
  3. A car that runs on peanuts
    Not only would this car run on whole unsalted peanuts like God intended, it would also be made entirely of peanuts! Imagine, the oil fields of the world covered with peanut fields. Imagine the offshore drilling platforms replaced with offshore peanut platforms. Imagine the incredibly high peanut prices.
  4. Peanut iPhone
    Although it would have to wait until Steve Jobs invents iTunes to reach its full potential, the peanut iPhone would have fascinated pre-digital Americans until they realized it couldn't be used to grow food or cure disease.
  5. A sport called "Peanut Ball"
    In this beautiful alternate reality, the world wouldn't have to keep track of two different kinds of football. God bless George Washington Carver.
  6. Jelly
    What is humanity's favorite food? It depends on who you ask, but not as much as you'd think. Everyone would say in their own language "PB&J." If GWC had invented this, it would have deprived hundreds of years of the human past of the secrets of jelly, but he would have raked in the cash.