Inspired by @soph
  1. Would rather correct than contribute during a conversation.
    Not only does this makes someone feel shitty, it doesn't matter if the bagel place is on fifth or third, it's not important to the story.
  2. Think that every question has only one answer.
    And you've somehow got them all.
  3. Make no attempt to understand someone from their own point of view.
    Bonus points if you assume they're stupid or evil because you don't understand their perspective.
  4. Have a long list of people you don't like.
  5. Have a firm belief that some people are more human than others.
    People who look different, think different, or act different are still people. Customer service reps too.
  6. Have to decide if you like a person or not after you meet them for the first time.
  7. Think music and art you don't like is inherently bad.