Pittsburgh Attractions

Here in the Steel City we're very well known for our sports teams and the Carnegie Museums, but we have so much more to offer. If you're feeling adventurous on your next trip why not give one of these attractions a peak.
  1. The Strip District
    Come hungry to this indoor/outdoor market. Eat your way from vendor to vendor. Make sure to sample some local pierogies if you've never had them.
  2. The Mattress Factory
    Not an actual factory. No mattresses in sight. This place has some pretty weird art exhibits spread out over multiple buildings. Always a unique experience.
  3. Allegheny Cemetary
    Ponds, a greenhouse, wildlife, ancient crypts, stone statues. It's a beautiful place to explore.
  4. Carnegie Library
    Everyone goes to the Carnegie Art and History Museum. Why not wander over to the library. It's a giant, quiet maze of book filled nooks and crannies. Try to find the room with the glass walls that overlooks the dinosaur exhibit in the adjoining museum.
  5. Randyland
    Could it be any cheerier? Nope. If you're lucky you'll even get to meet the artist Randy.
  6. Three Rivers Heritage Trail
    A walk or bike ride along the rivers is a great way to take in the beautiful city.