Dating is amazing and all fun and games until you decide not to text back the boy who moonlights as the fry hop at Popeyes.
  1. Fry hop dude
    We met in a bar where he told me he was in the restaurant industry but kept asking about my love of fast foods..I can no longer go to my local Popeyes out of fear I will see the fry boy of yesterday.
  2. British father of the bride
    This old chap (suck it) decided to end our torrid 2 hour text affair after I told him I didn't enjoy being compared to his daughter who was the same age as me..
  3. Candy Crusher
    He immediately got upset when I told him he couldn't send me requests in the game because I didn't play it..get on my level and play two dots than we can talk.
  4. Black Girl triathlete
    Informed me two dates in that he was excited to date a black girl who actually looked black...meaning my skin tone. Dismissed him during said date and informed him I'm not interested in being the melanin topper on his black girl totem pole
  5. The Vegan
    I fully support his food choices but you get thrown out of my apartment when I take a bathroom break during "Netflix & Chill" and I come out to you yelling at me about having bacon in my fridge. Get the fuck out and why were you in my fridge anyway, "Netflix & Chill" is restricted to the living room area.