It's time to share this with the world.
  1. This is me
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    Yes..she's cute..I am also wearing an apron in this photo to let them know that I too can grub hub with the best of them.
  2. Welcome fellas
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  3. Tacos anyone
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  4. I couldn't live without..
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  5. Wait..what?
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  6. This is where I make them melt.
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  7. *not pictured is the messages I receive
    Which range from: "you seem cool, care to get a drink/taco/slice? (Insert corny joke here that makes me laugh)" to "hello, I'd like to stick myself into any orifice that you allow me to and I'd also like to smear crunchy peanut butter on your hair and attempt to suck it off while we listen to John legend...also lets fuck" (insert me clicking block and contemplating disabling my account for the millionth time)