Inspired by @aprilkquioh and @ijeoma
  1. Me and my hair have always been pretty good friends
    I got in trouble when this picture got back to my house. I was told by my mother before I left the house that morning to sit still on the playground so i don't look a fool in the picture...I ran around and not only did I sweat my hair out I fell and got a mark on my face.
  2. We never got into many arguments
    Pressed and highly favored
  3. And it didn't fight me too much
  4. Than along came 5th grade graduation
    I have no pics on my phone as evidence
  5. When I wanted a perm because India Sandusky had one and she didn't have to sit in the kitchen every morning getting her hair pressed
  6. I beg and pleaded with my mother like a 70s soul group
  7. She said (you will regret it) I said (whatever bitch let's Hit up that salon)
    I didn't say that or I would not be here listing before you today
  8. I went and I did regret it
    I felt like my hair was being melted off my head. Like in the scene in Malcolm X where Denzel is getting his first perm
  9. I cried and my mother did nothing to console me
    I get it now because should my future daughter ask for one and I say no repeatedly I will give In and read a magazine across from her in the chair whilst she writhes in pain because.....I told you so.
  10. I looked cute in graduation and my hair was laid
    But I had burn marks and scabs in there was horrible
  11. So I said NEVER AGAIN!
  12. And went back to hitting up that pressing comb, blow dryer and olive oil combo
  13. I found solace being in that kitchen sitting below my mother with the smell of burnt hair in the room
  14. Than I went to college, I never learned to press my own hair and my blow dryer and wigs became my friend
  15. Now it's still the same
    I don't know how to press my hair so I pay someone to do it or I rock wigs when I feel like it
  16. But in the summer
    Thisnis me because it's too damn hot for a lace front
  17. Or this is me in the fall
    Natural pin up girl
  18. Or using a blow dryer and flat iron for an hour
  19. Or a old braid out because I'm lazy
  20. Or after those good old hard presses at the salon where I am wincing in the chair for an hour because I'm 7
  21. Worth the pain
  22. Natural hair natural face
  23. Some oil and hella split ends
  24. Another braid out and pin up.
  25. I recently cut my hair about 3 inches so I can start to grow it longer again
  26. I'll probably change my mind in a month and cut it again
  27. I'm still on a bit of a hair journey...I think.
    Sometimes I wake up and get angry at my hair because of the time it consumes, the patience I need with it and want to cut it off or toss on a weave
  28. But I think I'm finally at the point where...I'm good with it
  29. And fuck India Sandusky, she ended up moving away and took some of my shit with her.
  30. End list.