Concerning the recent deaths of black men at the hands of the police... Yet again.
  1. I haven't listed a lot recently..but..
  2. from various friends in my life these past few days I've been told my silence is bad.
  3. On many lists I've read my silence is wrong.
  4. In many tweets I've read that my silence is wrong.
  5. In many Instagram posts I've read comments that keeping silent isn't helpful.
  6. But dig this.
  7. I'm fucking angry.
  8. I'm livid.
  9. I'm fucking sad.
  10. Because this is our new norm.
  11. I'm a black woman.
  12. I've fought and will continue to fight against the mistreatment of my black brothers and sisters at the hands of this world until I die.
  13. But this hit me hard.
  14. I don't know why these two hit me so intensely as they have.
  15. They have put me at a loss for words and in a emotional and mental state of sadness and I guess what I call... Having an intense case of the Why's.
  16. I have a 35 year old big brother who is celebrating his birthday today.
  17. Instead of calling him with feelings of joy and celebration..I called him in tears and begged for him to keep being careful being him.
  18. So although I can understand what you mean by silence being unhelpful, meaning you're on the side of the hate and more...
  19. Think about what a black woman like myself, with a black father, black brother and three black nephews must be feeling seeing this happen to men who look just like them on the news back to back AGAIN, could be feeling.
  20. Static
  21. Static
  22. Static
  23. Static
  24. Think about what's under my silence and don't you fucking tell me that it means I'm not here for MY GODDAMN PEOPLE.
  25. End list.