Because I'm home for the holidays and forgot just how crazy Rochelle is #draftsmas 📂
  1. Find part one of Rochelle's advice here
  2. Don't put your car in park at the drive up ATM
    Because if someone tries to roll up on me while I'm getting money out they better hold on cause we going for a ride.
  3. Keep a cars distance while you're in the drive thru
    Folks are shooting people over crazy stuff, what makes you think someone won't go crazy over a wrong order?
  4. Look at a guys fingernails on a date.
    Because if his fingernails are dirty, his ass probably is too
  5. Have the cab drop you 4 houses from where you live
    And wait until they pull away to walk to your house they don't need to know where you live exactly so they can come murder you later.
  6. Know how to cook at least two meals
    You can lure a man in and then let him find out later that that's all you can cook, by then he's already in love and don't care.
  7. Don't park next to white vans
    They wait inside until you are unlocking your car and they kidnap you and you're gone forever.
  8. Don't smell perfume from street vendors
    You will pass out and they will steal your purse and touch your privates!