On a date with a dude and I'm in the potty at a bar we have met up at and here are the thoughts I am having
  1. I mean, this place is dope
  2. I don't even have to pee but I'm taking up stall space
  3. My boobs look amazing (as always)
  4. I am filling out this dress like no ones business
  5. I mean, I might make out with him
  6. Like I'll probably make out with him
  7. Like, I'm surely going to make out with him
  8. I won't bang him
  9. Not tonight anyway
  10. He looks cute in that shirt
  11. And he's wearing a cardigan that makes me want to bang him like a 1950s teenager
  12. I've been in here to long
  13. I should eat some bread to soak up future whiskeh
  14. I gotta go
  15. Lipgloss, spray, fix dress
  16. Hair flip, exit bathroom
  17. Shimmy towards him with a smilw
  18. Make drunken draft list later from his place